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The Compassionate Community Hub is now operational in Bath & NE Somerset. To find out more please read on...

Covid 19 Support
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Compassionate Communities and the Coronavirus Crisis

The Compassionate Community team have responded to the coronavirus crisis by setting up a community support helpline.  If you are concerned about any aspect of the coronavirus crisis, if you are unwell, if you need urgent supplies, if you need advice on keeping fit or on money matters then there is a team of experts who can assist and volunteers in your area. Don't worry on your own, the team can connect you to people who will be able help and reassure.

The Helpline number is: 
0330 247 0050

Full information about the Helpline can be found on the downloadable leaflet below...

Compassionate Community Helpline more information...

Helpline Info Leaflet

Compassionate Communities

B&NES is a compassionate community full of individuals and organisations who want to empower each other to create more inclusive, welcoming and positive lives.  SWALLOW is delighted to have signed the Compassionate Community Charter to show our dedication to this cause and our belief that connecting with people, breaking down barriers and misconceptions will benefit everyone.

To find out more about the Compassionate Community click the link which will take you to the 3GS website which has all the details...

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