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Friendship Bouquet

In celebration of Learning Disability Week we would love to share our quotes and drawings with you all.


What does friendship mean to you?

In celebration of Learning Disability Week, we'd love to know what you think friendship is. What makes you a really good friend? What do you enjoy most about your friends? Help us to create a gorgeous blooming bouquet of friendship flowers by downloading and decorating the flower template below. When you are finished send a photo or a scan back to us at the SWALLOW Office or to the email: and we'll add it on this page.

Friendship flower template...

Friendship Flower

Red Rose

by Cosmo

We love this drawing by Cosmo and think that it represents friendship really well. Sometimes friendship can be a bit tricky (thorny) but most of the time it's a beautiful thing (the flowers). 


Friendship means...

by Charlotte & family

This covers lots of ideas about what friendship means do you agree with them? Can you add your own ideas to our page? Send in your comments and pictures. 

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I like doing the zoom meetings because I am meeting other members I didn't know before and meeting up with old friends.

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Friendship is... Someone to go to if you need a chat and being kind and caring and supportive when your friend is down.

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Flower bouquet
Josh Flower
Ella flowers
Zoe Flower
Dan Flower
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Friendship means having a friend who I care about, can talk to and spend time with.

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Friendship is getting on with people and being nice to people.

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