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Tree of Friendship

On Wednesday 19th June 2019 we unveiled our beautiful Tree of Friendship at SWALLOW head office. Our wonderful Patron, John Cullum DL, along with some of our lovely Friends and members came along for a cup of tea and slice of cake to celebrate. To find out more about the event read on…

Tree of Friendship

Celebrating Friendship

Friendship is really important to us at SWALLOW and our Tree of Friendship allows us to honour the Friends of SWALLOW who go the extra mile. The leaves, apples and swooping swallows all bear the names of trusts, companies and individuals who enable us to support the more vulnerable members of our community, teenagers and adults with learning disabilities. After our Patron unveiled the Tree, which he did with the help of two of our members, Dan shared one of his favourite poems:

“A friend is like a star that twinkles and glows
Or maybe like the ocean that gently flows.
A friend is like gold that you should treasure
And take care of forever and ever.”

As always our members were at the heart of our celebration with bunting on display giving descriptions of what friendship means to them. “SWALLOW are in my life and it makes my heart feel love” (sic) wrote one member and another shared that, “Having a friend is being there for you and protecting you." Whilst another simply put: "I like my friends at SWALLOW they are happy to me."

John Cullum DL
Craft Work Skills

Craft Work Skills

The Tree of Friendship was created by one of our art tutors, Georgie. Georgie runs our Craft Works Skills Enterprise Scheme Group where members hand make beautiful products such as candles, cards and decorations which we then sell at Craft Markets. The money raised is used to purchase more materials to make more products. The mosaic that our Tree is made of shows the level of creativity and skill the Craft Work Skills Group have and it is a stunning addition to our head office.

The Craft Work Skills Group is not just about practical creativity it also helps our members to develop friendships and combat the social isolation that many of them experience. 


Thank you to all of our Friends who came and celebrated with us it was wonderful to see you and your support is hugely valued. The delicious cakes were supplied by the SWALLOW Community Cafe and The Pudding Kitchen.

If you would like to find out more about our Friends of SWALLOW scheme please get in touch or download our Friend of SWALLOW flyer below - we'd love to add your name to our beautiful canopy.

Download the Friends of SWALLOW information here...

Friends Flyer
Members with Andrew Taylor, Director of Running High